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  • Learn with tongding

    Zhengzhou Tongding Machinery &Equipment Company Limited was established in 2006, is a professional manufactuere and exporter of concrete batching plant, dry mix mortar production line and paint mixer.

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      Year road
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    The company's main products

    • 1, Dry Mix Mortar Equipment
    • 2, Concrete Batching Plants
    • 3, Paint Mixing Equipment
    • 4, Automatic Weighing Packing System

    tongding Product Applications

    Our equipment widely used in various industries, such as construction industry, building materials industry , chemical industry, dry mortar industry, coatings industry, metallurgy industry, environmental protection industry and so on. Our products have the following advantages: excellent quality , reasonable price, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, maintenance convenient. In addition,we have perfect after-sale service system .For the above reasons,we won high praise from all our customers.

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