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  • Introduce about the automatic Double Shaft Dry Mortar Mixer

     Automatic Double Shaft Dry Mortar Mixer Based on the design concept in Europe, this production line adopts the advanced computer PLC auto-control system. The parts include material storage system, metering and batching system, conveying system, air compressor system, packaging system, and deducting system.

    Working principle:

    The SHH Twin-Shaft Mixer consists of actuating device, Mixing barrel, Stirring shaft, fly-cutter(normally,it is optional part suit for customer’s requirement), discharging device and so on.

    The SHH twin-shaft Mixer is based on the principle of instantaneous weightlessness.It’s also the new mixing equipment with high-speed and efficient.Its main stirring approach is convection and diffusion ,and through this sharp blend to solve the most difficult problems like specific gravity, ratio of different materials and size of particles.

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