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  • Structure of Concrete Mixer

     1. Cylinder systems
    Consist of cylinder and attachment, used to load bearing mixing material and hold up each part.
    I,the cylinder is double cylinder which bend by weight and thick steel plate, having unique yield strength in the mul-function frame support of the special design, the supporting parts also can make the cylinder having enough rigidity to ensure depth of parallelism of the twin shaft concrete mixer and concentricity of the single shaft unbias.
    II, Above cover consist of observe door, observation windows, safety switches, piping system, etc., its main function is to seal, feeding, observation.
    III, Maintenance platform is working platform constituted by flower plate and the framework, it can be retractable and support to facilitate the operation and maintenance

    2. Mixing systems
    Concrete mixer mixing system main consists of mixing shaft, mixing arm, mixing scraper and cylinder liner (wearable scaleboard).
    Mixing system rotated by the parallel twin-shift reverse direction, The direction is clockwise in the shaft which face head or end on right, Direction is counterclockwise on left. The mixing arm and scraper shaft is 90 degrees, twin-shaft scraper is 45 degrees to interlace operation, varies  number due to the models of mixer, and its appropriate gap and operation to achieve the perfect effect uniform mixing in a short time.
    I. Mixing shaft: made of high-quality carbon structural materials, installed alloys steel set in supporting position.
    II. Mixing arm: spiral by the wearable cast iron.
    III. Mixing scraper of concrete mixer: made of mixing scraper and side mixing scraper, made by wearable cast iron
    IV. Side scale board: made of side scale board and small semicircle scale board, made by high wearable cast iron
    V. end scale board: made by wearable cast iron
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